Has your child just been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

Learn more about what your child’s diagnosis means, how it will affect your family, how it is treated, and how to educate your community about their needs in the Autism Tool Kit.

1 in 68 children have been diagnosed with ASD, and this number statistically continues to rise. Yet for some reason, many communities across the country still do not understand how to use People First language. Nor do they offer the right education programs to help support advocacy and awareness of ASD. That stops here.
At Integrity, Inc. we want to equip you with the resources you need to help your child grow and succeed like every other child. If you start with an early diagnosis and early intervention, the costs of your child’s lifelong care can be reduced by two-thirds. Their diagnosis could even be completely reversed.

If you download the Autism Tool Kit, you will find a full 100-day guide to help you and your family discover and understand what you can do to help your child during this critical period.

What’s Inside the Autism Tool Kit:

  • Common symptoms of autism and how it is diagnosed
  • Types of physical and medical challenges your child may experience
  • Tips for your family on caring for your child
  • Theories and approaches to therapy for ASD
  • Services and programs available for treating your child’s symptoms
  • Ways to set up education support systems at your child’s school
  • Terms and definitions you need to know for your child’s future
  • Advice on dealing with bullying, transitioning, and more

Download the Autism Tool Kit

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*The Autism Tool Kit is provided by Autism Speaks, an organization that sponsors autism research and advocates for greater community awareness of autism spectrum disorder. To learn more about their initiatives and get involved, visit AutismSpeaks.org. Integrity, Inc. is in no way claiming affiliation with this organization or copyright of this document.

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