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Integrity, Inc. provides Waiver Services (for individuals approved for Waiver Based Services) Foster Care services, Personal Care services, Elder’s Choices services, and has both Children and Adult Developmental Day Treatment Center Services programs.

Waiver Services

Integrity, Inc. is an ADHHS Developmental Disabilities Services licensed Community Based Waiver Provider. The Waiver program is designed to help individuals increase their independence in a community based setting. Integrity provides the following waiver services to Arkansas Medicaid Waiver recipients:
Supportive Living is an array of individually tailored services and activities provided to enable eligible individuals to reside successfully in their own homes, with their families, or in an alternative living residence or setting. The services are designed to assist individuals in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in the home and community based setting. The Supportive Living Array includes Residential Habilitation Supports, Residential Habilitation reinforcements, as well as Companion and Activities Therapies. Find out more by reading the Medicaid Waiver Handbook Section 213.

Community Experiences services are a flexible array of supports designed to allow individuals to gain experience and abilities that will prevent institutionalization. Through this broad base of learning opportunities, participants will identify, pursue and gain skills in activities that reflect their interests. This model helps to improve community acceptance, employment opportunities, and general well-being. The services are preventative, therapeutic, diagnostic and habilitative and will create an environment that will promote optimal functioning. Find out more by reading the Medicaid Waiver Handbook Section 214.

Respite Care is defined as services provided to or for waiver participants, regardless of their age, who are unable to care for themselves. It is furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of non-paid individuals, including parents of minors, primary caregivers and spouses of participants, who normally provide the care. Respite care may be provided in the individual’€™s home or place of residence, a foster home, Medicaid certified ICF/MR, group home, licensed respite care facility or licensed/accredited residential mental health facility for participants who have a dual diagnosis. Find out more by reading the Medicaid Waiver Handbook Section 215.

Case Management services refer to a system of ongoing monitoring of the provision of services included in the waiver participant’s multi-agency plan of service (MAPS). Case managers initiate and oversee the process of assessment of the individual’s level of care and the review of MAPS at specified reassessment intervals. Find out more by reading the Medicaid Waiver Handbook Section 223.

Adaptive Equipment services provides for the purchase, leasing and, as necessary, repair of adaptive, therapeutic and augmentative equipment required to enable individuals to increase, maintain or improve their functional capacity to perform daily life tasks that would not be possible otherwise. Find out more by reading the Medicaid Waiver Handbook Section 219.

Waiver Coordination services assists the individual or guardian to manage and distribute funds contained in the individual Supportive Living budget (inclusive of Respite, Transportation and Community Experiences Services). When the individual or their guardian elects this option, the Division of Disabilities Services will establish a contract with the chosen provider and the person or their guardian. Find out more by reading the Medicaid Waiver Handbook Section 217.

Environmental Modifications enable the individual to function with greater independence and without which the individual would require institutionalization. Adaptations may include the installation of ramps and grab-bars, widening of doorways, modification of bathroom facilities or installation of specialized electric and plumbing systems to accommodate medical equipment and supplies. Find out more by reading the Medicaid Waiver Handbook Section 220.

Foster Care Services

Integrity is an ADHHS Licensed Foster Care Placement Agency. We are licensed by the Arkansas Department of Children and Family Services as a foster care placement agancy and by the Division of Disability Services as a community-based provider. The dual licensure allows Integrity to provide specialized services to foster care children with developmental disabilities.

ElderChoices Services:

ElderChoices is designed for individuals age 65 and over, who, without the services, would require an intermediate level of care in a nursing home. The services provided are designed to maintain Medicaid-eligible individuals at home in order to preclude or postpone institutionalization. ElderChoices eligibility requires a determination of categorical eligibility, a level of care determination, the development of a plan of care, a cost comparison to determine the costeffectiveness of the plan of care and notification of a choice between home and community-based waiver services and institutional services. Integrity Inc. provides Homaker Services, Respite Care and Personal Care Services through ElderChoices Services. Find out more about ElderChoices Services by reading the Medicaid Handbook Section 105.140.

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