Supportive Living

Supportive Living is an array of individually tailored services and activities provided to enable eligible individuals to reside successfully in their own homes, with their families, or in an alternative living residence or setting. The services are designed to assist individuals in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in the home and community based setting.

The Supportive Living Array includes Residential Habilitation Supports, Residential Habilitation reinforcements, as well as Companion and Activities Therapies. Find out more by reading the Medicaid Waiver Handbook Section 213.  

Through this broad base of learning opportunities, participants will identify, pursue and gain skills in activities that reflect their interests. This model helps to improve community acceptance, employment opportunities, and general well-being. The services are preventative, therapeutic, diagnostic and habilitative and will create an environment that will promote optimal functioning.

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Our Staff are happy to assist caregivers in navigating the referral process. Once eligibility is determined, our staff will handle procuring the physician’s prescription, establishing and maintaining services in the individual’s home.

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