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Integrity’s Adult Development Day Treatment Program

Integrity, Inc.’s Adult Development Day Treatment Program is an exciting, energetic environment in which adult individuals with developmental disabilities can practice life skills to encourage independence. Using top-of-mind, structured learning activities and hands-on development, participants practice skills to prepare for real-life social interactions, academic situations, and other circumstances expected through the adult development and aging process.

Every program participant works with a team of treatment professionals. This team will perform annual and periodic reviews, as well as tests and assessments of individual progress, followed by meetings to discuss progress and future goals for improvement. As a result, each participant has the opportunity to develop individualized goals and objectives, which may be geared toward educational remediation and learning, independent living skills instruction, socialization, or physical exercise and movement.

Our goal is to promote the autonomy of the adult, up to (and even including) independent living. To do this, our program includes speech, physical, and occupational therapy to support participants’ development in areas like communication, movement, and preparation for the workforce.

Each day’s activities also include group work on academic skills. This not only improves scholastic pursuits like reading and math, but it also allows participants to focus on learning and practicing appropriate social skills together.

To promote healthy living, Integrity Inc. provides two nutritious, federally-approved meals (breakfast and lunch) and an afternoon snack every day. Additionally, many of our activities are designed to encourage participants to get up and get moving, thus promoting the importance of an active lifestyle.

Integrity, Inc. takes pride in serving and supporting adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities, providing assistance for their personal efforts in building a life rich in quality and self-sufficiency.

When you’re here, you’re family!

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To schedule a tour or learn more about Integrity, Inc.’s Adult Development Day Treatment Program, contact Director Adam White, A.D.D.T., at (501) 918-9366, or (501] 614-7200 ext. 208.

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