Is your loved one new to the Arkansas waiver care system?

The options for waiver care services in Arkansas can vary depending on individual diagnosis. Learn what to expect and how the application process works with our free Waiver Care Services Guide.

Children and adults with developmental disabilities (I/DD) need specialized, personalized care. The right support system can make the biggest difference in their lives. To meet this need, Medicaid provides waiver care through the Arkansas Department of Human Services. If your loved one is deemed eligible, an individualized treatment plan will be developed in conjunction with your family.

Waiver care services in Arkansas include a variety of home and community-based services (HCBS) depending on which programs your loved one qualifies for and what they need to succeed. The number of individuals accepted by and cared for under DDS Waiver Services is limited, so anticipate a lengthy and tedious process.

If you download our Waiver Care Services Guide, you will learn how to apply for waiver care and what you can expect throughout this process. Plus, if you have any questions, the guide also contains contact details for DHS.

Waiver Care Services You May Be Eligible For:

  • Respite Care
  • Supportive Living
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Specialized Medical Supplies
  • Non-Medical Transportation
  • Care Coordination
  • Consultation Services
  • Developmental Day Treatment Care Services (DDTCS)
  • Developmental Day Treatment Service and Early Intervention Day Treatment Services (ADDT and EIDT)

Waiver Care Services Guide

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