Day Programs for Children in Little Rock

From speech therapy to physical therapy, Integrity offers many outstanding Day Programs for Children with special needs in Little Rock. Here's how Integrity can provide your child with a fun, loving, and educational environment while also helping them develop confidence and skills for their everyday lives.

How does Integrity help?

The staff at Integrity uses the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) approach when working with those with disabilities. This individual-centered model emphasizes personal achievements while maintaining a supportive environment.

Day Programs For Children

Early Intervention Day Treatment (EIDT) aims to bring physical and psychological benefits to children with disabilities. Monitored by a team of highly-trained professionals, this program's primary goal is to improve its members' overall quality of life.

DDTCS is also for children who are not school-aged. Three-year-olds and under require a Family Services Plan, and afterward, a new plan is made called the Individualized Program Plan. This involves preparing children to learn at the appropriate grade level. Then the goal is to facilitate your child's transition to public school as much as possible.

The intensive, goal-oriented habilitative services can last for up to 5 hours a day. This time is separate from nap time and therapy time (for those who qualify for therapies), thereby making almost their entire day's stay therapeutic in some capacity.

1. Diagnosis & evaluation

Before your child starts with either the Family Services Plan or the Individualized Program Plan, they'll undergo a detailed diagnosis and evaluation from the staff. After a series of tests and exercises, the staff then creates a plan for your child, one that's suited to them and their needs.

During the program, caregivers monitor your child to see if the program is providing the best results. If your child isn't responding well to the suggested program, the staff changes it to fit your child's needs and to provide more specific support where it's needed.

2. Speech therapy

Speech is an important part of everyday life, because it's fundamental to developing good communication skills. Working on this particular skill can have many benefits to the future of a child with disabilities. If your child is experiencing any language disorder, it's crucial to include a speech therapist into the everyday routine.

In the Day Programs For Children, your child is included in modern speech therapy in different ways depending on their needs. This includes practicing speech exercises with a speech therapy expert, caregivers, or other participants. It also helps your child develop the social skills and confidence that will help them now and even as they age.

3. Physical therapy

With the help of a physiotherapy specialist, physical therapy can improve your child's motor skills, mobility, strength, and balance. Along with many other benefits, this in turn helps build confidence and self-esteem and encourages independence and self-help as your child learns to complete everyday tasks.

4. Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy can bring the best out of your child. It can also provide great insight into how your child encounters and overcomes tasks in the "real world." If your child's stronger sides are being appreciated and nourished, the child can eventually use them as a professional skill.

Learning about different arts and crafts, for example, can inspire children to do something on their own. It can also inspire creativity and can give them the feeling of accomplishment, which they can bring to the next task as a boost of confidence.

Occupational therapy sessions might not seem necessary for young children, but it is certainly an additional activity in which a child with disabilities can participate and feel good about doing. The watchful, supportive staff at Integrity will not miss an opportunity to let you know when your child shows a special interest in something that you can do at home.

For more information

Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Integrity Inc., is a community-centered organization that provides different types of services. From child care services to rehabilitation and day programs for children and adults, Integrity Inc. has a number of professionals who help children and adults with developmental disabilities.

The idea behind Integrity Inc. is to help parents of children with special needs to understand that they are not alone. Moreover, this non-profit organization also offers its services to children with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are in state custody. By joining their EIDT services, both children and their guardians are becoming more prepared for the days ahead.

Contact us today at (501) 406-0442 for more information on these programs and how we can help your child develop confidence and skills for their everyday lives.

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