Integrity, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides individualized, supportive services for both children and adults with developmental disabilities and delays. We use a common sense approach that is grounded in a Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) paradigm. The PBS philosophy is a person-centered model that incorporates the best aspects of a variety of theoretical approaches while emphasizing personal achievement and an appropriate supportive environment. The service model at Integrity for individuals with disabilities includes, but is not limited to the following:

We offer ADDT and EIDT Development Day Treatment for children, from infancy to 5 years old, and adults who have completed their formal educations. Day Treatment Services are offered daily Monday through Friday in our Daycare Center downstairs at our main office and at our Adult Development location down the street from our main office. Attendees at both locations can receive up to 5 hours a day of habilitation programming and Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy for those who qualify. Transportation is available to qualifying attendees.

    • Diagnosis & Evaluation – This is the first step in determining the appropriate supports that will best benefit you and your loved one. The end product is a comprehensive plan that details the important aspects of your loved one’s growth and development. Plans allow service providers to formally state goals and objectives that are both meaningful and measurable.
    • Managed Care PASSE Care Coordination – Coordination of services will be provided by a Managed Care PASSE. Once a support plan has been developed and implemented, monitoring and coordination through care coordination services ensures the plan’s efficacy and provides changes as they are needed. Care coordination services are typically monitored by a team, whose primary members are the PASSE Coordinator, the individual, the caregivers, and professional staff at Integrity, Inc. as well as any other treatment providers (like physical, speech and occupational therapists or physicians)
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  • Community Integration – Integrity, Inc. supports the philosophy that people with disabilities thrive in a community setting and grow and learn more effectively by working, playing, training, and enjoying other activities within our program. Engaging in the community also breaks down social barriers and teaches people how to interact compassionately with people who may be different than themselves.

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Day Treatment Programs

In both our Children and Adult Developmental Day Treatment programs, we offer a federally approved, nutritious breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon snack at no cost to the attendees. Each participant has a treatment team of professionals who review appropriate testing and other assessments and meet with the individual, family, and concerned others, to determine specific goals and objectives that will enable the participant to further develop his or her independence. For children, this process results in and Individualized Family Services Plan for the birth to 3 year olds; the 3 -5 year olds have an Individualized Program Plan with goals and objectives geared towards preparing them to be on grade level when they transition into the public school system. For our adult attendees, the process results in an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) that identifies goals and objectives that result in habilitative instruction geared towards educational remediation and learning, independent living skill instruction, and prevocational training. Both Centers are available to tour for interested and/or potential attendees and their families/concerned others.

Peggy Notrass, EIDT Director
501-406-0442 x 230

Children’s DDTCS

Susie Walton, ADDT Director
501-406-0442 x 208

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