Frequently asked Questions about PASSEs

If you are parenting a child with disabilities in Little Rock, learning more about PASSE can go a long way in ensuring that your child receives maximum support.

The Arkansas State Legislature recently established PASSE, which came into full effect in 2019. Since it is a relatively new program, you may not have complete information about how the program works and the home and community-based services in Little Rock that make up PASSE.

To help you learn more about the program, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions about PASSEs and how it can help you with the treatment for intellectual and developmental disabilities in Little Rock.

1. What is PASSE?

PASSE is an acronym for “Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity,” which is a program linked to Medicaid. Under Medicaid laws, the federal government is allowed to lift some of the rules that apply to the Medicaid program and allow states to provide Medicaid waiver services to their residents. Arkansas decided to apply its Medicaid waiver services through the PASSE program.

2. What are Medicaid waiver services?

A Medicaid waiver expands the Medicaid benefits to individuals with a long-term need for healthcare services. Such waivers allow them access to home and community-based services in Little Rock instead of nursing homes. Without the waiver, individuals who spend more on the Medicaid program would have to spend most of their lives in nursing homes or other intermediate care facilities.

3. What benefits do I get from the PASSE Program?

The PASSE Program has a wide range of benefits for you, especially if you are parenting a child with disabilities in Little Rock. Your child can now get all the health care benefits of a facility without having to leave the home they are used to living in. That means you and your child will not be separated but will continue to efficiently and conveniently receive preventative care, managed care, and other necessary care for a child with a disability.

4. Am I eligible for a PASSE?

Eligibility for the PASSE program is similar to that of the Medicaid program. It is meant to relieve the burden of healthcare costs to individuals with a long-term need for specialized health care, such as those living with a disability. If your child is living with a disability, then the program is designed to reduce your financial burden in treatment for intellectual and developmental disabilities in Little Rock.

5. If I am eligible for a PASSE, how do I get assigned?

Assignments to the program are completed only after a rigorous assessment process to ensure only those in actual need benefit from the program and that no needy individual is left out of the program. Once the assessment is done, you will be assigned to a PASSE. The assignments are automatic, with uniform distribution of eligible recipients to all the PASSEs. That means if there are three applicants at a time, they will be assigned to three different PASSEs.

6. Can I change my PASSE?

After assignment to a particular PASSE, you will have up to 90 days to change your PASSE if, for any reason, you feel dissatisfied with the original assignment. If, after the expiry of the 90 days you have not changed your PASSE, you will be deemed to be satisfied with the assignment. Remember that you can only change your PASSE once a year during the open enrollment period.

7. Are there restrictions for eligibility?

PASSE is intended to assist you and your loved ones who are living with a physical or intellectual disability regardless of age, gender, race, or religion. If by any chance, you feel discriminated against by a PASSE, you can contact the Ombudsman at 844-843-7351 or and lodge your complaint.

9. What do I do after the assignment?

Once you have been assigned to a PASSE, the PASSE takes over the coordination of all other factors relating to your healthcare or that of your loved one. They will also take over the responsibility of forwarding your Medicaid contributions.

9. Are there home and community-based services in Little Rock that work with PASSEs?

Yes. Many community-based service providers work with PASSEs to help you in caring for your loved ones who require treatment for intellectual and developmental disabilities in Little Rock. Their role is to coordinate service delivery and ensure that your loved one is receiving adequate care.

10. How many PASSEs do I need to register with?

You only need one PASSE who will coordinate the entire healthcare services for your recipient. One PASSE is enough for all your recipient’s long-term health care needs since PASSEs do not work like the personal insurance schemes.

11. Do the benefits of a PASSE work outside the state of Arkansas?

PASSE is a Medicaid waiver service for the state of Arkansas. As of now, you can only enjoy the benefits of a PASSE in Arkansas.

12. Can I be removed from a PASSE?

Eligibility for a PASSE is based on eligibility for Medicaid. Once you lose the eligibility for Medicaid, that is, get outside the bracket of coverage stipulated by the Medicaid law, you also lose your eligibility to a PASSE.

13. Can I enroll back in a PASSE?

Yes. You can be re-enrolled to a PASSE once you get back to the eligibility bracket for Medicaid.

14. Will I be re-enrolled in the same PASSE?

You will automatically be re-enrolled to the same PASSE if the re-enrollment happens before the expiry of 180 days. If the re-enrollment is done after 180 days, you will be subjected to the auto-assignment placement where you can get back to your previous PASSE or be assigned a new one.

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