How ARChoices Can Transform a 65-Plus-Year-Old’s Quality of Life

Those 65 or older have access to a tremendously beneficial senior care program in Little Rock. ARChoices in Homecare is available to individuals with a physical disability between ages 21 and 64 and those aged 65 or older. This latter program is also called ARChoices and can vastly improve seniors’ lifestyles and independence with senior in-home care in Little Rock.

Without ARChoices, seniors with no family members or with limited mobility may suffer from diminished quality of life. They may not be able to find companionship, make it to medical appointments, or complete necessary daily activities like eating meals or taking care of their personal hygiene.

Eligibility for a senior care program in Little Rock

To be eligible for these adult companion services in Little Rock, seniors must meet the minimum age requirements of at least 65 years old and meet the medical needs criteria. This requires a medical condition or need that could benefit from a service offered through a senior care program in Little Rock.

They must also meet the financial needs criteria. Applicants with restricted income and limited access to resources are preferred. Income should not exceed the current long-term care limit of Supplement Security Income.

They must also need an intermediate level of care to qualify. Care levels are measured with an assessment indicator called ARPath before final determination and approval is submitted for application allowance through DHS.

ARChoices services

 The benefits of ARChoices are many, and seniors can experience a vastly improved quality of life and bettered living conditions. With assisted care and improved daily activities, seniors experience a happier, more positive life. Keep reading to discover the life-changing services ARChoices offers.

Home-delivered meals

In the case that individuals are homebound, this service provides one nutritional meal delivery every day if they are not able to fix their own meals or have no one to prepare food for them. Delivery on weekends is also available.

Adult day services

Seniors are provided a place for supervised care and activities during the daytime. They can socialize, find companionship, and feel a sense of self-assurance among their peers doing group activities.

Adult day health services

This group program provides seniors with an organized program with continued rehabilitative, supportive, therapeutic health, and social services activities alongside basic daycare. Adult day health services allow seniors to maintain their flexibility, movement, and overall wellness as best as possible.

Facility-based respite care

Seniors with caregivers can go for a short respite care stay in a facility to give the caretaker time off with family or for vacation. These stays are completely covered with ARChoices, and seniors are given a clean, comfortable place to stay in a facility with meals, socialization, and therapeutic activities.

In-home respite care

For less mobile individuals who have senior in-home personal care in Little Rock, they can stay in their homes while a stand-in caregiver stays with them to give their regular caregiver time off to rest or take a trip. Senior in-home personal care in Little Rock is periodically scheduled relief that allows caregivers the necessary break time to provide quality care to seniors when they are back at work.

Environmental modifications

ARChoices modifies individuals’ homes so that they can get around more easily and safely. They might install bars or handles in restrooms or showers, or provide a wheelchair ramp for easy entrance to the home.

Adult companion

Adult companion services in Little Rock are available through ARChoices. Companions might assist or supervise clients with tasks like meal preparation, laundry, simple housekeeping, bathing, eating, dressing, and maintaining personal hygiene. These activities are often required in accordance with a therapeutic goal. If an individual’s family is absent, then these services can prove vital to their quality of life. Adult companion services in Little Rock must be used outside the timeframe of other waiver services or state plan personal care.

Homemaker and chore provider

For less able elders, homemaker and chore services are offered. These provide basic upkeep and management within the home of a senior. Some of the activities offered include laundry, shopping, errands, simple household responsibilities, and meal preparation. For the more intense chores, like heavy cleaning and yard maintenance, extreme and very specific circumstances are required. These more difficult tasks are cared for when a lack of these services would make the home unlivable or dangerous.

Personal emergency response system (PERS)

This 24-hour, in-home electronic alarm system enables elderly, homebound individuals to call for help in an emergency. If the individual has fallen, hurt themselves, or encounter another dangerous situation, then the system notifies emergency responders and summons help.

Other services

On top of ARChoices services, individuals who are waiver recipients might receive other Medicaid covered services. These include doctor visits, various prescription medications, personal care, and more.

Eldercare can make a world of difference for your loved one

ARChoices is an excellent way for seniors to experience an improved quality of life, even if they are unable to care for themselves as easily as they once did. Whether they simply need some assistance with errands and household tasks, or they require a more in-depth level of support and care, ARChoices can provide them with high-quality assistance and guidance through this stage of their lives.

Making the choice to apply for ARChoices can create an enormously valuable transformation in the lives of those who are 65 or older. For more information, contact Integrity, Inc. at (877) 452-9504 for more information and a one-on-one conversation with one of our eldercare specialists.

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