Integrity Inc – Employee Spotlight [VIDEO]

Integrity Inc Employee spotlight with Evelyn Jackson and Dianne White

My name is Evelyn Jackson. I do foster care, host home, and supported living. My favorite part is raising children and helping them out with their needs because most of them have special needs. As a child growing up, I always liked babysitting. When I got older, I babysat and when I found out about Integrity and I started, I just enjoyed it and that just kept going on and on. I started working in August of 1992, and I’ve had numerous foster children and host home children that are over the age of 18. I also work with them during the day and they go back home.

I will always try to make myself available if they need an emergency to place somebody. It’s always each person has a different personality and need. I’ve always been a people person, so I was always able to deal with their needs, and I kind of like that.

What makes Integrity special, they have the staff that will sit down with you, work with the client to place the client with the family that’s best suited for them.

My name is Dianne White. I am Service Coordinator/Assistant Day Care Director for Integrity. I have been here since September of 2003 and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I initially started as a Classroom Assistant and I went from there to Classroom Lead Teacher and from there to Service Coordinator. From Service Coordinator, I’ve grown into the role of Assistant Director in the absence of our current Director.

Here at Integrity, we’re involved in a whole lot of lives. Like it or not, you are involved in their lives to a full extent and it’s kind of rewarding. What makes Integrity special is that it’s, like I said, inclusive to everyone. Everyone is special or important in their own way. We take children from six weeks to five years old. It’s definitely worth a parent checking in to see if their child might need special help. To see if there’s something they’re not doing that they could possibly improve on doing or start to do because all children need the socialization of Integrity.

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