Integrity, Inc. Launches New Supported Employment Program Called Integrity Works

Integrity Works Helps Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Find and Maintain Employment to Achieve Greater Independence

Integrity Works, a new supported employment program from the non-profit organization Integrity, Inc., will provide vocational assessment, job training, and career placement services for adults in Central Arkansas with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Integrity Works program is based on the Employment First policy, which states that all individuals with disabilities find meaningful work, and become more independent, integrated, and productive members of society. The new program is part of Integrity, Inc.’s ongoing mission to help individuals with disabilities gain the skills and confidence they need to live as independently as possible.

“Integrity is excited about this opportunity to provide supported employment services to the citizens of Arkansas,” said Sandy Leonard, director of Integrity Works. “Integrity firmly believes that all people regardless of ability have the right to work and be productive in their community.”

Through a vocational assessment, Integrity, Inc. discovers an individual’s strengths and talents in order to match them with the appropriate training and employment options that fit within their interests and abilities. Integrity Works offers extensive learning opportunities through internships, volunteering, and work-based experiences where individuals can develop work-related skills in integrated community settings.

There is ongoing support during each step of the employment path, from vocational assessment and initial on-the-job training to continued job coaching throughout an individual’s employment.

About Integrity, Inc: Integrity Inc. is a Little Rock-based non-profit organization providing a variety of in-home care, habilitative therapy, and community-based services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We use a person-centered philosophy that incorporates the best aspects of theoretical approaches while emphasizing personal achievements in a highly supportive environment. For more information, call 501-406-0442.

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