What it Means to Have an Employment First Policy

When it comes to offering jobs for people with disabilities in Little Rock, there are many things an employer can do. An employment first policy can help.

Upholding the quality of life for a child with disabilities as they transition to adulthood is not always easy, but there are ways to make it more efficient and far less stressful. One of those is through the use of services that offer supported employment in Little Rock. This type of employment is specifically designed to provide jobs to those who have developmental disabilities. As you and your child work through the system, there will be programs and opportunities to take advantage of at various stages of life and development. These can provide a lot of assistance and guidance to any child with a disability.

Success Stories Are Commonplace

The stories of young adults who have gotten jobs that work with an employment first policy are numerous, and overall they showcase the value of these policies and how much jobs for people with disabilities in Little Rock can help others succeed and grow. With that in mind, there are many ways that individuals can get these jobs, and many ways parents can help their children prepare for them. The right support services go a long way toward feeling confident and learning the life skills needed to work independently and have a job they can enjoy and be proud of.

Many Companies Hire Disabled Workers

Many great companies hire workers who have disabilities. These companies understand that everyone is different and that there are still many things that the majority of people with disabilities can do. While there may be some jobs that are strictly off limits, there are still many jobs that are less complicated and that a person with an intellectual or physical disability can perform well. This is good news for people who want to work, and for families who have children with disabilities. Knowing that these children will be able to work one day through valuable programs can help.

Arkansas Takes Employment First Seriously

When a company has an employment first or supported employment policy, they are committed to finding employment for those who have disabilities in their local area. Helping employ those with disabilities gives back to the community, and gives them a sense of pride and purpose that they can feel good about. It is a great way to get them doing something valuable for their development and something that will help them to build their self-esteem and their understanding of the world around them.

By reaching out to Integrity, Inc., parents, and children can learn about the options for supported employment in Little Rock. Contact us by calling (501) 406-0442, and let us help you find what is right for your growing child to prepare them more easily for adulthood.

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