5 Activities to Get Your Child with Cerebral Palsy Outside!

Despite physical limitations, children with cerebral palsy can still enjoy the outdoors. With the right activities, they can have plenty of fun in the fresh air and really love all the ways they can explore the world.

Your child with cerebral palsy needs just as much stimulation and activity as any other child, and getting them outside is a wonderful way to engage and inspire them. Focusing on activities that encourage your child to get outdoors can help them to get joy from nature.

1). Sensory Bins

Many different types of sensory bins can be used by children with cerebral palsy to get them involved in outdoor activities.

Bubbles, birdseed, pool noodles, and all sorts of things that feel interesting and are not harmful are good choices. Your child can safely explore some of the things that are found outdoors, and this can make getting outside more enjoyable for everyone involved.

2). Parks, Gardens, and Zoos

Larger, more open spaces where there are no big crowds and there are many things to see can be appropriate choices for children with cerebral palsy.

With so much to look at and a generally calming, peaceful atmosphere, these types of spaces can prevent overstimulation while bringing a lot of joy to the day. Locations like parks, zoos, and gardens let your child explore and interact with nature, and also allow you to have a quiet moment with your child.

3). Tricycle or Bicycle Options

If your child can ride a tricycle or bicycle, including one that is modified to assist them, they can enjoy the outdoors and begin exploring more of what is around them. If your child is receiving certain types of services related to his or her cerebral palsy, PT or OT recommendations may assist in securing funding to purchase a modified tricycle or bicycle for your child.

Taking rides on trails, around your neighborhood, or in other locations nearby give you and your child a chance to bond with one another while exploring natural beauty and all the outside world can offer. Sunshine, wind on their face, or even gentle raindrops can easily bring a smile to your child’s face.

4). Swimming 

Anything that helps reinforce learned skills can be beneficial to a child with cerebral palsy. Movement is important, and ways in which your child can move around more easily or without any pain encourages them to enjoy exercise.

If your child does physical therapy, then swimming is a great way to practice movements in a low-impact way. This can help with mobility and keep your child active, as well as be a soothing activity.

5). Nature Books 

When it comes to remembering the day and its adventures, a handmade memory book that focuses on nature can work very well. These books are valuable in saving outdoor collections and bringing the outdoors in when it may not be appropriate to go outside, such as during a storm or after dark.

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