What Services Does Integrity Inc. Provide Children and Seniors Who Need Care?

Integrity Inc. supports individuals of all ages who need care. Integrity provides services to children and adults with developmental disabilities or delays. Moreover, with the right support, your loved ones can still thrive in the Integrity community that provides services for adults and children, including infants and toddlers.

Disabilities services

Integrity provides personalized services to children and adults with developmental disabilities or delays. The CDC estimates that one in six children experience some form of developmental disability or delay. These can be physical, mental, or sometimes both, and these disabilities often last a lifetime.

Individualized care plans assist children and adults who experience a range of disabilities. These disabilities include hearing and vision impairment, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities. Services also include support for children or adults experiencing autism.

The first step is establishing a care plan based on an initial assessment. The support plan includes care goals based on the philosophy on encouraging independent living as much as possible. Through community-based programs and services, people with developmental disabilities can better develop their skills and break down social barriers.

Our Day Treatment Services work with children and adults and provides age-appropriate support and assessment. Individual plans for children help prepare them for placement in the public school system, and plans for adults include prevocational training and independent living skill development.

Elder care

As seniors age, it can become more challenging for them to maintain an independent lifestyle. This is where elder care services come into play. Eldercare services will vary based on the individual’s personal needs, but the goal is to help your loved one age at home for as long as possible.

There are many benefits to elder care, including personal caregiving and homemaking services. These services can include meal preparation and assistance eating, general housekeeping, bathing and grooming, and socializing.

Eldercare services can give the client and their family peace of mind knowing that their basic needs are met. A regular care provider can also monitor subtle changes in behavior or ability and help ensure the client’s happiness and wellbeing.

Depending on the client’s needs, services may include toileting care, mobility assistance, and range of motion activities that can help the client age at home.

Foster care

Integrity offers services specifically for children in the Arkansas foster care system with developmental disabilities. Children are placed in homes with foster parents who are trained in working with children dealing with trauma and developmental disabilities.

As part of our foster care services, children have access to DDS waiver care services in Little Rock. As part of the assessment and care plan, foster children can receive one-on-one independent skills instruction based on the child’s needs.

Each child will be assigned a case manager who will conduct regular home visits to ensure that rigorous standards are maintained. A case manager will conduct weekly visits during the first 12 weeks of placement and monthly visits thereafter.

In addition, children are eligible to participate in EIDT daycare services, which includes speech, physical or occupational therapy and up to five hours of habilitation programming per day.

For children who are aging out of the foster care system, Integrity provides transition services to continue to offer support to young adults in need. Transition services may include prevocational training and skills training for independent living.

Personal care

Integrity provides personal care assistance to both the elderly and disabled adults. The goal is to keep our clients as independent as possible, but when a client needs assistance, our Health Services Department is here to help.

A nurse will be assigned to an individual’s case, and the nurse will supervise services and monitor the client’s health. Personal Care services may include basic tasks such as grooming and bathing.

These personal care services can also include medication reminders and general supervision as well as housekeeping and meal preparation. Personal care services vary based on the needs of the individual, and Integrity will work with the client and the client’s family to create a customized personal care plan.

Supported employment

One way to achieve independence is to maintain meaningful work. The Supported Employment program known as Integrity Works helps developmentally disabled adults join the workforce and go beyond workshop-style employment.

Integrity Works utilizes skill assessment to help individuals identify their strengths and talents and find meaningful employment. This assessment may include home observation and one-on-one counseling to identify likes and dislikes.

Prevocational services help individuals develop stronger interpersonal skills and take advantage of internships and training that can lead to employment.

Using the information from the initial assessment and prevocational services, we will help identify potential employers and secure job placement with one of our community connections.

Once the individual has a job placement, they will receive on-the-job training and provide continuing vocational support for that individual. Adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities are often unemployed or underemployed, even though they are willing and able to work.


Integrity strives to offer the best care possible for children and adults in the Little Rock area. If your loved one needs additional care and support, then contact us at (501) 406-0442.

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