3 Awesome Halloween Crafts to Do with Kids

Stimulate your children’s learning and creativity with these safe, simple, and festive crafts tailored toward kids.

Kids thrive when they are encouraged to use their minds and hands at home, and every holiday is full of opportunities to be creative. This fall, supplement our community based services in Little Rock with these fun, easy Halloween crafts that are perfect for growing kids.

Halloween is coming, and it is the perfect time to stimulate your children’s minds and bodies with some creative crafting. We do our best to integrate creative expression into all our community based services in Little Rock, and we encourage you to do the same at home. Whether your children are working on their hand-eye coordination or learning how to follow detailed instructions, seasonal crafts help them practice useful skills while engaging in their festive community. Here are a few of our favorite family-friendly Halloween crafts for children with disabilities.

Tin Can Mummy Cups

These adorable tin mummy cups make great pencil jars and wildflower vases, or you can stuff them with candy to create spooky party favors and centerpieces. Best of all, there is no wrong way to wrap a messy mummy, so it is perfect for small hands of all ability levels. As your children wrap their tin cans in cheesecloth, encourage them to get creative and make the mummy look however they want. There is also plenty of room for creativity with the mummy’s eyes and hands, which you can arrange into different emotional expressions.

Lollipop Ghosts

It does not get much simpler than the classic lollipop ghost, but this craft is a great way to boost kids’ confidence. After all, your yard or house will be filled with decorations they made with their very own hands! Orange and black ribbons are recommended, but you can experiment with different colors and textures to help stimulate your child’s senses and give them creative freedom. Hang your lollipop ghosts from tree branches, or stick them into Styrofoam for a cool graveyard effect. You can even hand them out to trick-or-treaters as a family, giving your child a way to participate in the whole holiday.

Cookie Cutter Jack-O-Lanterns

No child is immune to the stress, mess, or potential dangers of traditional pumpkin-carving. Unfortunately, this autumn rite of passage can be even trickier for children with disabilities. This cookie cutter pumpkin carving method is a much better idea for kids and adults alike, and it results in unique looking pumpkins that are covered in floating, glowing shapes. Let your kids pick out the cookie cutters, rather than limiting them to Halloween shapes, and see where their imaginations take them. For example, your animal-loving child could easily create a whole glowing zoo, all without drawing, tracing, carving, or using any sharp tools.

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