In our largest program, we serve children and adults who receive state approved services through the Division of Disabilities Services (DDS) a branch of the Arkansas Department of Human Services. The fact that these services are community based offers a broad array of options for the individual as far as opportunities for independence development. Goals and objectives addressed in this service area often include:

Visit our Disabilities Services page to learn more information about our community-based day treatment programs for children and adults.

  • Behavior Shaping and Management
  • Communication
  • Community Experiences
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Health Maintenance Activities
  • Mobility
  • Money Management
  • Reinforcement of Therapeutic Services

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One of the best things about this service option is that community-based services can be delivered in the consumer’s home or, should the consumer lack a home of their own or not live with family, the services can assist the consumer in locating a home. The Case Management component of this service coordinates all the services the individual receives which can include: Supportive Living, Respite, Adaptive Equipment, Specialized Medical Supplies, Non-Medical Transportation related to service needs, Consultation, Planning for Health and Safety, etc.

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