5 DIY Projects for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

When a child has disabilities, creating something for a holiday or other event can be a challenge. But there are many DIY projects for children with cerebral palsy.With some easy, fun, and beautiful options, your child can create something special.

Letting your child participate in the spring festivities is a great way to keep them happy and involved with life. Fortunately, if they attend a special needs daycare in Little Rock they will generally find that there are plenty of options for them to explore when it comes to making DIY projects for themselves, their family, or their classmates and friends.

1. A Heart Caterpillar

Making hearts and gluing them together in a line can make a simple caterpillar, and it’s easy to create a little, smiling face and some feelers. You can even use googly eyes to add some dimension, and choose pipe cleaners and other items to make your child’s caterpillar even more creative and beautiful. It’s a project your child can participate in and really enjoy.

2. Mini Fun-Shaped Pizzas

If you want to make something everyone can eat and enjoy, fun-shaped mini pizzas are a great idea. All you need is dough you can roll out, and a cookie cutter in the right shape. Then you can make a great treat and put the toppings your child really likes on the pizza.

3. Heart Crowns

If you’re looking for something your child can make with a little bit of help, a crown of hearts they can wear or give to a friend or family member can be a great choice. These crowns can be made with different colors and sizes of hearts, and can be personalized pretty easily so your child can wear just the one they want and give some away to others.

4. Foam Friendship Necklaces

If your child is making friends when they attend their developmental day treatment clinic services in Little Rock, they may want to make something for those friends. Foam necklaces are an excellent choice for that. They are easy to make and wear, and they’re soft so they aren’t going to cause harm with sharp points or anything that could be dangerous.

Baking Cookies

For a great treat for everyone to enjoy, why not make fun shaped cookies? You can add food coloring, chocolate, and other things if your child wants to or likes them, and with so many different types of cookie options, you can really customize this treat to be a wonderful option. Shaping and molding it to fit your child’s vision will help them feel like they’re more fully participating as well.

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