A List of the Best Summer Activities for Elders

Discover the benefits of taking your senior outside during the summer, and plan some activities to enjoy together.

Prepare your senior for a day out by planning and packing the items they will need to enjoy the day, from sunscreen to medication. Even if your senior does not normally need a walker or wheelchair, having one on hand (or bringing along portable seating) ensures they can rest if they need to.

As the days begin to lengthen and warm up, spending some time outdoors can help improve your senior’s overall wellness. Soaking up some sun provides vitamin D, an essential element for good health; gentle exercise improves your senior’s health, flexibility and overall well-being, too.

What can your senior do outdoors that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable? Here are just a few ideas in addition to the existing elder care programs in Little Rock; pack some sunscreen and water bottles and head out to enjoy one of these senior-friendly activities:

  • Fishing: One of the most flexible activities around, your senior can fish from a dock or land; many fishing locations are wheelchair accessible. All-terrain wheelchair rentals are available across the country and can help your senior access a favorite fishing spot.
  • Head to the pool: Swimming is beneficial for most seniors, whether they actually swim or just bob gently in the water. It is a low impact exercise and can be very comforting and relaxing for many seniors.
  • Go bird watching: Visit the park to spot the wildlife; a comfortable spot, pair of binoculars, and bird guide allow you to see the park in a whole new way and enjoy the weather as well.
  • Celebrate an event: Spring and summer are popular times for community events, from parades and fireworks to festivals. Attend an event with your loved one; head out early in the day and make sure to bring a seat and make frequent stops during the course of the event.
  • Play a game: Some summer outdoor games are a hit with seniors at family picnics and other gatherings: horse-shoes, outdoor bingo and similar games that do not require exertion can help your senior enjoy the day.
  • Try a new hobby: Outdoor hobbies can motivate your senior to get outdoors; gardening (containers on a raised surface can help those with mobility issues), metal detecting, and flea market shopping are all fun activities for elders that do not require a lot of physical exertion.

Get all the benefits of outdoor fun during this beautiful season; your senior will benefit emotionally, physically, and mentally from some time in the sun. Want to get your senior moving this summer? Integrity Inc.’s elder care services in Little Rock can help make it happen. Contact us by calling 501-406-0442  to learn more about our elder care services in Little Rock and to get your senior outside this spring.

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