Day Programs for Adults in Little Rock

Caring for your loved one with special needs can be fulfilling. But it can also require professional help. Here’s how Integrity’s Day Programs for Adults in Little Rock can help your loved one with everything from communication and problem solving to socializing and prevocational training.

Day Programs for Adults overview

1. Task completion

One of Integrity’s main goals with Day Programs for Adults is helping those with special needs become more independent. By performing and completing daily tasks, those with disabilities learn to rely on their own skills and confidence.

2. Problem solving

Just as with task completion, problem-solving is an excellent exercise that helps build physical skills through coordination and mental skills through critical thinking. More specifically, it involves participants learning how to adapt to a situation and how to use resources effectively and efficiently whether by themselves, in a group, or at work.

3. Self-help

Being able to contribute to their communities is important for every adult with disabilities. And in most cases, the first step in doing this is learning how they can help themselves overcome obstacles unique to their journeys. Of course, self-help in this respect means different things to different individuals. Thus, after a detailed evaluation, professionals will develop a special program to fit each individual’s needs.

4. Socialization

Socialization requires the development of complex skills, such as recognizing facial expressions and body language. But with the professionals at Integrity, your loved one can enjoy learning to communicate effectively with the confidence that comes with positive interactions and even community involvement.

In fact, community involvement is the best way to improve social skills and emotional intelligence. Learning how to communicate with others will bring improvements to all aspects of one’s life, and focusing on social skills will improve work communication and the ability to function in a group.

5. Communication

Communication is foundational to any program, because it’s foundational to society itself. Having good communication skills is important for any adult with disabilities, because it’s necessary to maintaining a good job, meeting new people, building confidence, and much more that goes along with being a contributing member of any group activity.

Yet good communication also underlies the skills developed in every other program. Along with learning to trust and communicate with their mentors, participants must learn to trust and communicate with each other. This is the only way to secure a safe and friendly environment in which anyone can speak up.

6. Prevocational training

Like anyone else, those with disabilities love meaningful work. And if they have enough opportunities, they can become quite skilled at what they’re doing. In short, prevocational training is how professionals prepare clients for the real world.

Learning all about a certain craft or academic field is the basis of individuality and expressing it with confidence. With the help of occupational therapy, many have learned how to rely more on themselves and how to do so with patience.

Occupational therapy is also central in learning how to cooperate with others and how to work in a team. Supported employment, which many clients have found, is another option with the possibility of gaining total independence in the future.

7. Activities of daily living

Integrity Inc. focuses on behavior-shaping and habit-forming strategies. By using the newest findings in the field of psychology, Integrity can help with establishing new behavioral patterns. Even though these activities may seem trivial and boring, they can be very beneficial in creating a feeling of independence and achievement.

For more information

Licensed in 1989 by DHS, Integrity Inc. has been providing community-based services for both children and adults. The goal of these programs was to allow the participants to become more independent and remain home with their families, instead of being institutionalized.

Day Programs for Adults is designed to provide both physical and psychological health benefits to people with disabilities. Participants work with a team of professionals that teach them, monitor their progress, and assess their development. They rely on a hand-on teaching approach to make sure that participants will be able to handle real-life social interactions, learn academic skills, and maintain their mobility. In other words, health, independence, social skills, and supported employment are some of the main overall goals.

The professionals at Integrity Inc. are completely focused on helping adults with disabilities to trust themselves and to know what they’re capable of. Contact us today at (501) 406-0442 for more information on how we can help your loved one!

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