Everything You Need to Know About Supported Living Services

Learn more about how the state programs covering supported living services in Little Rock can benefit your family.

If you have an aging family member, it’s likely that you’re looking for care solutions that will better their life. Perhaps you don’t know what where to start! An important question to ask yourself is, would you prefer your family member to continue to live at home or should they move into an elderly living community? The good news is that supported living services in Little Rock can bridge the gap between assisted living facilities and living at home with your care.

The Program Essentials of Supported Living Services

The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) offers waiver services as an alternative to assisted living. Under these waiver services, your loved one may receive help through supported living services, adaptive equipment, nonmedical transportation, supplemental support services, environmental modifications, and other services. Arkansas provides home and community-based services (HCBS) under programs as defined by Medicaid. These programs are intended to help people with physical disabilities, developmental or intellectual disabilities, and mental illnesses.

Home and community-based services work toward creating a person driven, sustainable, and long-term support system that help promote quality of life, overall health, and your loved one’s independence. If your family member has chronic conditions and disabilities, these programs are designed to give you and your family more options. By opting for supported living services in Little Rock, your family member is able to live where they want to live and require the level of care that they need.

What Does Your Loved One Need?

Rather than placing your loved one in an assisted living facility, care comes to them. You can decide on how little or how much care they require. Elder care programs in Arkansas can include an adult companion, chore assistance, meal preparation, respite care, emergency response, cleaning, bathing help, wound care, and more. Maybe your loved one just needs assistance in basic hygiene, walking, or reminders to take their medication. If you apply for waiver care and get approved for the program, supported living services in Little Rock can assist you in every facet of their care.

Making Care Decisions for Your Loved One

In an assisted living facility, your options are limited when it comes to how much care your loved one actually needs. Because your loved one isn’t living with you, you don’t determine his or her day-to-day schedule. He or she may not be as challenged to retain their independence. Often, they may not receive the level of personalized care they need simply because the assisted living facility only has so many people on staff with the expertise and time needed for your loved one.

What’s more, you are paying for all the facility’s equipment, care, and staff as well as your loved one’s room, board, and activities. If you are looking for ways to help them succeed at home, supported living services can work quite well for your family.

When you choose Integrity Inc., you are in charge of your family member’s needs by being in direct contact with their caregivers every day. If you are considering supported living services in Little Rock for your loved one, contact Integrity, Inc. at 501-406-0442 to learn more about our programs.

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