How Does In Home Care Help My Loved One with Everyday Life?

Many people are choosing in home care for their elderly family member in Arkansas, through which your loved one can remain engaged in the community while receiving the care he or she needs at home.

Recent statistics published in a federal report indicate that one in three long term nursing home residents suffer some sort of preventable accident, and as many as 20% of residents in nursing homes are prescribed medications that may lead to decreased mobility and increased falls.

These statistics are leading many people to choose in home care for their elderly family members. Over 16 million Americans care for an elderly parent or family member at home, and this number is expected to grow as our population ages.

Providing in home care for your elderly family member is a wise choice if you can safely and appropriately manage the care for your family member. If not, your loved one may benefit from professional in home services so they can remain engaged in their everyday activities while getting the daily support they need.

Types of In Home Services for the Elderly

Integrity, Inc. offers a variety of services to provide in home care for the elderly in Arkansas.  These services differ based on specific needs and the level of care that is necessary for your loved one.

The services provided through in home elderly care in Arkansas may include:

  • Providing adaptive equipment so your loved one can remain as independent and as mobile as possible.
  • Case management services to assess and manage your loved one’s care, ensuring all needs are being met every step of the way.
  • Support through Personal Care, Adult Companion, Attendant Care, and Home Maker services may allow your elderly loved one to enjoy maximum safe functional mobility without needing the institutional services of a nursing home.
  • Community-based experiences that allow your loved one to explore and enjoy his or her personal interests.
  • Respite care to give you time to care for your own personal health and needs.

Coordination of all these services can help your loved one successfully manage activities of daily living and engage in meaningful interactions with family members and their community.

Benefits of In Home Care

Professional in home care services can also offer your elderly loved one so many benefits than institutional care cannot necessarily promise:

  • Companionship. Elder companions can participate in activities with your loved one, which can keep your family member engaged in their community instead of forcing them to try doing things independently or isolated.
  • Safe monitoring of medication. A personal care assistant can ensure that your loved one keeps on their medication schedule prescribed by their doctor and attends appointments and therapy sessions.
  • Mobility. While specialized physical and occupational therapy services may be necessary for your loved one to maintain independent functional mobility, a professional in home care assistant can help your family member safely move around the house, preventing falls and other accidents.
  • Help. Everyday tasks like laundry and running errands, eating and getting dressed, or managing finances are made easier with an in home care provider.

Choosing an In Home Care Provider

When choosing an in home care provider, you should find an agency you can trust with the programs that will ease your stress and support your loved one’s daily life. This is best accomplished through a professional organization that ensures all care providers are trained, thorough, and compassionate individuals.

In home care for the elderly in Arkansas can best be managed by a professional organization like Integrity, Inc.  For 25 years, Integrity Inc. has been providing families with options to help care for those who would like to remain as independent as possible.  Contact us to learn more about the specialized services that can help your elderly loved one enjoy everyday activities while remaining at home and engaged in their community.

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