Taking the Next Step: How to Prepare Your Parent for Elder Care

As your parents transition into elder care, you can make the process easier with simple communication. Ensure your loved ones feel included and empowered during the process by using these tips.

Start Casual Conversations About Health

The transition to elder care can be emotional for parents and their families, though it certainly does not have to be scary. Before your parent transitions into any type of elder care, you will play a big role in helping them prepare for this change – both physically and psychologically. Conversations with your parent can be delicate as you explore elder care options in Little Rock together.

Now is the best time to start talking about your parents’ health. Since your parents’ ability to communicate their wishes and understand their options may decline in the future, it is important to start conversations as soon as possible, covering topics such as:

  • Their current health status
  • Anticipated future health concerns
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Finalizing medical wishes with a lawyer

Whether you have agreed on a date to begin elder care or not, open dialogue is crucial for staying aware of your parents’ health and any changes to their medical conditions. Furthermore, the more you discuss your parents’ healthcare needs, it will become more casual and organic.

Explore Modern Elder Care Options Together

While your parent may view transitioning to elder care as a loss of independence, many programs and services are designed to empower them while improving their quality of life.  There are several elder care options Little Rock families use to transition from independent living to assisted living. For example, ARChoices is an Arkansas elder care program designed to incorporate health and wellness care into your parent’s life.

Help your parent feel empowered by encouraging them to them to learn more about their options and make the decision together. Your loved one may have a biased perception of elder care – take advantage of the resources and activities available in your community. Make sure your parent feels like an equal participant while making decisions, give them ample opportunities to ask questions and explain their desires in detail.

Discover What Matters Most to Your Parent

What does a good quality of life look like for your mom or dad? It is helpful to focus on your loved one’s happiness and well-being. Learn what skills and activities are most important to them and bring up the benefits of elder care as they apply to your parent. For example, limited mobility may be taking an increasing amount of your parent’s time. Point out that they can “outsource” such tasks and use that time and energy for something they enjoy, like spending time with grandchildren or reading.

Look to Trusted Professionals for Help

Integrity, Inc. has been helping Arkansas families find loving, supportive care solutions for elderly loved ones since 1989. We can help you determine the level of care your parent needs to remain as independent as possible every step of the way. Contact Integrity, Inc. today to learn more about our elder care programs in Arkansas at 501-406-0442.

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