Our Guide to Making Elder Care Decisions with Your Family

If the time has come to make primary care decisions for your elderly family member, do you know all of your options in Arkansas?

Even though the aging process happens in every life, making a discussion about the care of an aging parent is never easy without access to the right resources. One of the primary fears of an aging parent is being forced to leave the comfort of their home for an assisted living or nursing home environment, should they develop a need for some type of assistance.

In many cases, families are finding that utilizing the help of other reputable elder care programs in Arkansas is a great way to help elderly parents retain their independence at home, while bolstering their overall quality of life.

Nursing Homes Are Not Required

While a nursing home or assisted living facility may be necessary for some seniors, it should never be considered your only option. If your elderly parent or loves one only has one or more health or mobility issues, they may be able to remain at home with the right care program. Consider making some physical modifications in their house, researching in-home care options, and visiting community-based adult day treatment facilities to find a solution that works better for your family.

Four Areas to Consider

When the time arrives to have a conversation with your parents about their care, you and your siblings or other relatives should consider how the following concerns apply to your parent’s specific needs:

  • Physical and Mental Health – Can these needs continue to be met in a non-hospital or non-supervised care arrangement through medication and visiting medical professionals? Or do they need continuous monitoring and care?
  • Safety and Mobility – Is the current home situation safe for the aging parent? Can the home easily be modified to enhance their safety and mobility? Would they feel safer inside or outside their home?
  • Available Assistance – Can a family member take up a primary caregiving role? Is there a professional care option in their area that can supplement or fully replace care provided by your family?
  • Quality of Life – Does your parent crave socialization with other people? Will they be happier if efforts are made to help them remain in their home?

In many cases, taking the steps to modify their home to remove safety hazards and enhance mobility features is less stressful and less expensive than moving them into an assisted living or nursing home facility. Consider installing ramps, chair lifts, grab bars, and other small elder-friendly modifications in key areas in their house once you choose a care provider.

Elder Care Programs in Arkansas

Elder care programs in Arkansas like ElderChoices can provide in-home and community-based assistance like adult companions, supportive living, respite care, and adult day treatment care.

These programs can provide in-home assistance with daily activities and needs, such as shopping and errands, cleaning, and help with toileting, bathing, wound care, and more. Some of these options can also provide non-medical transportation, adaptive equipment, and specialized medical supplies. Since many elderly parents have unique care needs, find a program that utilizes a personalized approach to help you find a qualified caregiver that your loved one feels comfortable with.

Look to Trusted Care Professionals

Integrity, Inc. has been helping Arkansas families find loving, supportive care solutions for elderly loved ones since 1989. We can help you determine what level of care your family member needs to remain as independent as possible every step of the way. Contact Integrity, Inc. today to learn more about our elder care programs in Arkansas at 501-406-0442 and see if your family qualifies.

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