What are School Options for My Child with a Developmental Disability?

Children who face developmental disabilities may not perform well in a traditional school environment. Fortunately, there are options to be considered that can provide these children with a chance to learn and grow!

When you have a child with special needs, locating disability services should not be a struggle. Unfortunately, many parents are not sure where to turn, so they do not get a chance to provide the level of help their children really need. For parents who care for children with disabilities, there are autism support services in Little Rock available to help your children thrive.

Traditional Schools Are Not the Only Choice

Traditional schools have classrooms for developmentally disabled students, including those who have autism. However, there are also alternatives. At Integrity, we offer developmental day treatment care services (DDTCS) for children (infancy to five years old) as well as adults who have completed their formal educations. These services include autism support services, and our goal is to help your child or relative achieve the best life possible.

Sending a child with disabilities back to school can be a stressful time, and if that child isn’t in the right environment it can be even more difficult for them to learn and adapt as well and as thoroughly as possible. With children who need a more loving, nurturing atmosphere, a public school may not be a choice that gives them the best possible education.

Is There Help at the State Level?

The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) has programs that can also help children before they begin school and after they begin to attend. Sometimes extra attention is needed, over and above the actual schooling, and when that is the case there are State options that can be helpful to parents, including those who want to homeschool their developmentally disabled children.

There is also a Guide to Services for Children With Disabilities that has been created by the State of Arkansas and can help you locate additional resources.

This guide addresses everything from the children’s rights all the way through whether a child can live at home or needs care beyond that, and what types of healthcare and schooling options may be available to them and their parents. With the right help and resources, your developmentally disabled child will have the highest chance of reaching their full potential.

For more information on what services and schools are available to help you care for your developmentally disabled child, contact Integrity, Inc. at (501) 406-0442 today and start getting the answers you need.

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