Tips for Hiring an Adult Companion for Your Elderly Loved One

We all want to be there for our loved ones, but sometimes it’s impossible to do so. Fortunately, adult companion services for the elderly in Arkansas will match your loved ones with experienced professionals who can.

For many, each passing day brings with it new challenges and responsibilities. If you have an elderly loved one in need of care, the scenario that is becoming more common across the country is that you and your family are stretched thin geographically and emotionally. As our loved ones enter old age, this limitation of resources can determine whether or not they are receiving the care they need and deserve. Fortunately, Arkansas’s ElderChoices program—through which Integrity Inc. facilitates adult companion services—offers solutions for you and your elderly loved ones.

ElderChoices and Adult Companion Services

As it implied through its name, ElderChoices is a program designed to serve Arkansas’s elderly population through the Division of Aging and Adult Services. This Medicaid program emphasizes the reimbursement options available to those who qualify for in-home or community-based services. No participant is forcibly assigned an agency, provider, or nurse, so each individual gets to choose who best matches their needs.

ElderChoices boasts a number of effective programs, several of which focus on adult companion services. These services can help both you and your elderly loved one if you are struggling with a lack of resources, training, skills, emotional capacity, or physical proximity. The purpose of adult companion services are to provide your loved one—the client—with assistance for a ranges of tasks, from bathing and eating to housekeeping and shopping.

Tips for Choosing an Adult Companion

The first step to finding an ideal adult companion for your elderly loved one is knowing what you need in the first place. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How comprehensive will the caregiver’s job be?
  • What does my loved one need help with the most?
  • What does my loved one want help with the most?
  • Will my loved one’s health condition change what they need over time?
  • What skills or medical abilities should the caregiver have?
  • What licenses or certifications should they have?

Often, elders want to assert as much independence as they possibly can, so make sure you understand what activities they should or should not do. Consult with their physician if you need to learn more about their current health condition and how the adult companion could have an impact in their care.

The best adult companion for your loved one should be patient, kind, understanding, punctual, empathetic, and honest. Before officially hiring someone, make sure they are a good communicator and ask them these questions to gauge their skills:

  • What was your favorite experience with an elderly person?
  • What was your most stressful experience, and how did you handle it?
  • What draws you to this kind of job?
  • What are you comfortable doing? What are not comfortable doing?
  • Can you lift the elder in the event of a fall?
  • Who are your references?

Involve your elderly loved one with this process as much as possible. They should feel comfortable meeting with and getting to know their potential caregiver. This program is designed to alleviate stress, so it is important that there are not any major personality clashes in the hiring process.

If you qualify for adult companion services, contact Integrity, Inc. to utilize our base of potential caregivers. Call us at 501-406-0442 to set up a consultation to determine which services you and your loved one need most.

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