Benefits of Hiring a Companion for an Elderly Loved One

Do you have an elderly loved one who might need an adult companion? Learn what to expect from adult in home personal care in Little Rock.

Aging does not always have to mean losing independence. Thanks to in home caregiving and homemaking services, elderly people can enjoy a better quality of life without giving up the home they love or depending exclusively on family members. Most adult companion services in Little Rock can even be customized to fit your loved one’s unique medical and personal needs. But what exactly are those needs? And is an adult companion the right person to meet them?

If you are considering in home personal care for your loved one, it helps to understand the responsibilities and skills you can expect from in home caregivers. Here are some of the services and benefits offered by adult in home personal care in Little Rock:

Safe and Reliable Transportation

Thanks to in home companions, the ability to drive is no longer synonymous with the ability to live independently. If your loved one no longer drives, adult companions make sure they do not have to depend on the kindness of family, friends, and neighbors to complete everyday tasks. An adult companion will ease – or eliminate – this dependence, by consistently and safely taking your loved one to essential appointments, errand runs, and even social visits.

Awareness of Daily Habits & Changes

One of the simplest benefits of in home care is also one of the most valuable: someone is regularly there. Adult companions get to know your loved one as they spend more time with them. Because aging is a process and memory loss is common, it is important for someone in your loved one’s life to keep track of subtle (and swift) changes. An adult companion spends enough time with their clients to detect changes in mood, behavior, personal hygiene, ability, and more.

Help with Household Tasks & Chores

Of course, adult companions also step up to perform basic tasks that do not require any special skills. The aging process gradually affects strength, flexibility, and motor skills for nearly everyone, and adult companions can “fill in the gap” to make sure basic hygiene and household tasks are not neglected as a result. Your loved one should receive help that is specific to their needs; for example, they may need help handling knives during meal preparation, or they may need someone to cook their meals for them.

Social Interaction and Companionship

Solitude is not just an tough part of aging; it is also a very real health risk, linked to everything from depression and lack of energy to dementia and cognitive impairment. Adult in home companions offer regular, consistent companionship for your loved one, which is especially invaluable if they do not have nearby friends or family members who can stop by frequently.

Peace of Mind for You

Of course, hiring an in home companion is also a blessing for you and the rest of your family. If you are attempting to handle personal care yourself, the services of a professional will free up precious time and energy, prevent burnout, and make it possible to enjoy your time with your loved one. But even if you live thousands of miles away, the biggest benefit is clear: you will not have to worry about your family member being alone anymore.

Are you interested in hiring an adult companion for your loved one in Little Rock? Integrity, Inc. can help you find a caregiver who is qualified to help. Contact us today by calling (501) 406-0442 to start your search for in home care with a consultation.

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