Easy & Creative Fall Arts & Crafts

Fall is the season of gratitude and cooler temperatures, making it perfect for staying indoors and enjoying fun arts and crafts with the whole family. If you have a child with special needs, arts and crafts can be a fun way to work on motor skills activities while letting their creativity shine. Here are ten easy and creative fall arts and crafts activities to enjoy this season!

1. Leaf by leaf cooperative project

In this project inspired by Coach Art, children can work together to piece a large tree together using different leaf cutouts. You can encourage children to choose their favorite fall colors to represent the leaves changing this time of year. Not only does this encourage overlapping skills and mixing colors, but it also promotes social skills through working together as a group.

2. Vision boards

A vision board for the new year can be a fun way to express your new year resolutions and goals. You can get a stack of old magazines with scissors and glue, so your child can cut and paste images from them to a poster board. You can also ask your child to draw or paint some of the things they wish to see for themselves in the coming year. Stickers are another item that can be added onto the vision board.

3. Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin-themed activities are a staple in the fall. Carving a pumpkin can be a great activity for the family. You can have your child pick out the pumpkin seeds from the inside, which helps develop fine motor skills. Plus these can be toasted later for a snack.

4. Cookie-cutter jack-o’-lanterns

If pumpkin carving is a bit too tricky, your kids may love this safer alternative. Start with a cleaned-out pumpkin and whatever shaped cookie cutters your child likes. Pick a spot for the cut out, place the cookie cutter on it, then lightly tap it with a rubber mallet. This unique jack-o’-lantern gives your child a chance to practice fine motor skills, and express their creativity.

5. Fall tree finger painting

For this, start with a brush for children who aren’t ready to dip their fingers in the paint. You can put brown paint along the length of the forearm, and press it on paper to make a tree trunk, then use all your favorite fall colors to make “fingerprint” leaves.

6. Leaf friends

To make “leaf friends,” gather fall colored nature items, such as leaves, acorns, twigs, pine needles, and seeds. Get creative to make stick figure people using these items. You can also use fall-colored construction paper. Glue on sticks for bodies, leaves as heads, seeds for eyes, and so on. Children can step up the creativity by creating backstories for their newly created characters.

7. Pinecone bird feeders

For this, you’ll need pine cones, twine, peanut butter, and bird seed. Tie approximately two feet of twine to the pinecone, then have your little one use a spatula to spread peanut butter around the pinecone. Next, sprinkle bird seed all over the pine cones, and then find a special place to hang them on a tree in the backyard.

8. Autumn mobile

This project begins with a walk to find supplies in nature, such as pine cones, acorns, leaves, and sticks. Your craft is made by taking yarn and cutting it into different lengths. Attach the yarn to a large stick, then attach what you found in nature to the bottom of the yarn. The end result is a fall-themed mobile that can be hung in the house as a seasonal decoration.

9. Pumpkin caterpillar

Put a fall twist on this heart caterpillar craft by using cut-outs of pumpkins. Start with orange construction paper, and cut out pumpkin shapes. Draw faces on them, or add googly eyes and stickers for some extra dimension. Finally, glue them together in a line to resemble a cute fall caterpillar friend.

10. Coffee filter leaves

For this, draw outlines of leaves on some coffee filters, then let your child color or paint them with their favorite fall colors. Cut them out, then take a spray bottle, and spritz them with water on a covered surface. Once they dry, you have a pile of artsy fall leaves to play with, or to hang in a window and appreciate the way the light shines through them.

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