Why Community Disability Services Are So Important for Children with Special Needs and Their Families

Taking advantage of disability services and programs tailored to children in Arkansas with developmental disabilities can be a big help to your family.

Not only do children with developmental disabilities face certain challenges because of their disability, but you as their caregiver often have to take on a position equivalent to a full time job to meet their needs. At Integrity, Inc., we offer an array of community-based programs and disability services for children in Arkansas designed to encourage your child’s growth and development on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to provide services that benefit both you and your child so that you are taken care of just as much as they are.

The Vital Role of Early Intervention

Early intervention, or the recognition and treatment of an intellectual and/or developmental disability early in life, has been identified as one of the greatest opportunities to help children overcome their disability before reaching school-age. Therapies that fall into the realm of early intervention are provided under an umbrella of services called Developmental Day Treatment Clinic Services (DDTCS).

Through our person-centered, community-based programming, we introduce your child to early intervention through learning activities that help foster social-emotional development, speech therapy that enhances communication and language skills, occupational and physical therapy which assist in fine and gross motor development, habilitative therapy which focuses on teaching age appropriate self care skills. By the time they reach kindergarten, your child can learn techniques that will help them avoid special education classes and enhance their lives at home.

Assistance for Your Family

Disability services can give you the resources to work and provide for your family while knowing your child will be taken care of with an unmatched degree of education and compassion. Our services also include temporary in-home care, or respite care, with personal care aides under the supervision of our nurses . We know you have many responsibilities, and we want to help you take care of them. These services can alleviate certain caregiver responsibilities to reduce some of your family’s stresses. Our goal is to offer your child research-proven therapies for individualized success to make your decision regarding their care that much easier.

Disability Services Tailored to You and Your Child’s Needs

As a parent, you have likely spent hours researching your child’s diagnosis, visiting with doctors, and trying to find programs that are best for your child’s needs. We believe that every child has unique needs, and we focus on providing the best care for your child through our team of dedicated case managers. After our initial assessment, your case management team–which includes you, our professional staff, other caregivers, and treatment providers—will work to adjust your child’s care plan to provide the greatest benefits to you and your child.

Caring for a child with a developmental disability can be full of challenges. We want to give you a chance to rest and relax knowing your child is being given the best tools and resources. If you would like to learn more about available programs and disability services for children in Arkansas, request a consultation at Integrity, Inc. today. Call 501-614-7200 to determine which services you and your loved one need most.

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